For a succession of failures at the site of the Voronezh aluminum smelter «Prominvest» may be the same people

In Voronezh bankruptcy court held a regular meeting in the framework of the bankruptcy proceedings and the implementation of the bankruptcy estate of «Prominvest» (the former area of the Voronezh aluminum smelter), told the correspondent of «Abirega«, who was present at the meeting.

In this case, the main issue, which was discussed at the meeting was the possibility of substitution of collateral LLC «Prominvest«.

Thus, the representative of «TrakAvia» (mortgage lender) announced discrepancy information on collateral property, in particular structural elements and equipment costs down substation and the main boiler. Allegedly changed structure was introduced in the inventory card and help provided by the bankruptcy trustee and bookkeeper.

According to the former head of the company «Prominvest» who spoke at the meeting as witnesses, the substation was leased LLC «TeploEnergoGaz» (engaged in the distribution of electricity, gas, steam and hot water at the site), and the exact list of structural elements was made under the act and sent to the Regulatory tariffs. However, to date inventory data cards substation does not coincide with the original claim to the LLC «TrakAvia.»

At the same time representatives of the bankruptcy trustee in court trying to challenge the evidence «TrakAvia» as irrelevant, but the judge ruled otherwise and adjourned the meeting until January 22, 2015, by calling new witnesses in the case, including the existing accountant of the enterprise, as well as former Chief Engineer and Deputy Director General of «Prominvesta.»

It is worth noting that some of the participants of the meeting considered the bankruptcy court «Prominvesta» part of a string of bankruptcies that occurred at the site previously. We are talking about Ltd. «VALZ«, LLC «Rival» and ZAO «VALZ.» If the ultimate beneficiary in these companies will be one and the same person, the law enforcement agencies may be able to recover the arrears of wages to employees of JSC «VALZ» (de facto no longer exists) in 20 million.

Recall that for several years the main assets of the company were transferred to the LLC «Prominvest», which is supposedly the owner VALZ. In 2009 JSC «Voronezh aluminum smelter» was introduced bankruptcy proceedings. Temporary manager of the plant Stanislav Strel’nikov said then that restore the solvency of the plant is no longer possible. It is worth noting that at the very beginning of the procedure of bankruptcy, experts predicted attempts to withdraw assets VALZ. However, bankruptcy proceedings in one enterprise from the structure of the plant — LLC «Voronezh aluminum smelter» — has been discontinued due to lack of property of the debtor.

Previously, LLC «TrakAvia» (secured creditor LLC «Prominvest») appealed to the Prosecutor General of Russia to check the assignment of debt DIZO Voronezh region in the bankruptcy LLC «Prominvest» center of business and international cooperation. Creditor in his speech asked to check the transfer of rights requirements of the public authority to a commercial organization, noting that the conclusion of the contract of assignment was held without a tender, tender or auction. A month after the purchase of debt almost wholly owner of «Center of Business and International Cooperation» was the LLC «Kaduysky plywood mill». In this case, the debt acquired from DIZO also went in favor of the plant, which currently owns 99.98% of the shares «Center of business and international cooperationBudget losses from the sale of the Voronezh region DIZO CCI debt is estimated at 11 million rubles.

Furthermore, LLC «TrakAvia» also went to the police with a statement that the equipment is the main step-down substation, which is pledged to the company LLC «Prominvest» can be stolen than caused damage amounting to 28 million rubles. According to the company, «as a result of reflection in a false inventory cards of the property value of the main down substation decreased 30 times (!) — From 30 million rubles to 1 million rubles

The prosecutor’s office sent a letter to the police department with a request to check for signs of the commission of the offense information on forgery and stealing property.

Since the beginning of 2012 LLC «Prominvest» was in the process of external control, and since September 2014 it entered bankruptcy proceedings. His property is property, formerly owned by the bankrupt Voronezh aluminum smelter. Among the residents of the industrial site «Siemens High Voltage», OOO «Mosstroy-31«, JSC «MTS«, LLC «Helios» DPC «Dataport» and others.

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