Petition in bankruptcy

The bankruptcy procedure starts for the Court of Mediation with all the distribution of the appliance. The proper to be treated gets authorized body or the person and bankruptcy creditor. However, regarding the person in certain cases, distribution of an application recognizes its obligations. The consumer is presented an interval of one month in the day of incidence of the conditions preceding the story of its bankruptcy, self-reference the Court to initiate bankruptcy proceedings. Otherwise, the company management might be applied vicarious liability.

It’s done on paper, when the program is published bankruptcy lender. The application form must provide full details of how the banker along with the consumer, along with straight to the measurement requirements, backed from the ruling of the debt. When applying for bankruptcy lender, he gains a plus — the right to nominate a temporary owner, that in the foreseeable future when it might provide the enjoyment of some benefit. Applied to the application files which verify how big is the debt.

The identical requirements are confronted with a bankruptcy case, posted from the approved body. A proof of your debt is exceptional tax and customs authorities may be made by options.

A statement from the debtor — legal entity

The head of the company, is going to recognize it bankrupt, sign the application and submit it to the Court of Arbitration. It goes in a statement must contain the following information:

Name of the court, which is selected according to the principles of jurisdiction and jurisdiction;
All kinds of debts incurred by the company;
Explanation for the inability to pay its debts as well as the negative impact on economic activity in the case if the company will begin to repay them;
For information about the assets of the company;

A debtor who has filed a statement, he nominated interim manager. The application shall be in addition to the documents confirming the size of the debt, accompanied by a list of creditors and the balance sheet for the last reporting date. If the debtor has had time to assess the application property, then applied and the corresponding report.

A statement from the debtor individual entrepreneur

A written program shall be submitted by personal entrepreneur to the judge in the place of home. SP delegate such capabilities by proxy for the representative, or can sign the appliance individually.

Debt, that will be centered on the necessity for acceptance of bankruptcy SP should be highly relevant to the company activities of anyone. Another circumstances making statements individual businessman correspond with all the conditions laid down for your legal entity.

A statement from the debtor — natural person

A person might be announced bankrupt because of the inability of reimbursement commitments as a result of it. Handle difficulties with lenders and this really is completed to be able to prevent sustained monetary malting.

Written down towards the courtroom in the host to home organic individuals the application form is posted. Within the statement’s wording suggests the foundation of its source and also how big your debt. For instance, among these angles, might be: state for alimony or for problems.

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